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1. train kept a rollin'
2. i gotta move
3. i can't quit you baby
4. dazed and confused
5. white summer / black mountain side
6. how many more times

Complete show. FBO tree, which claims the seed to be 1st gen cassette=>DAT=>CDR. Ripped with EAC in secure mode. Converted to SHN with mkw Audio Compression Tool.

MediaType: SHN

Source: AUD

Conversion: 1st gen cassette > DAT >CDR

5191d662fed1fc2299df566af8795890 *Track03.shn
732920b0322455ff1a0e5690aaee8628 *Track02.shn
023164a0f39549d598adccdded22dc19 *Track01.shn
21729de52ac97d0cb38bf03b07b43fe9 *Track04.shn
c92abfaecf668372c1772093a5894b93 *Track05.shn
b0a14d3b025a968fa991d0b65b3b1646 *Track06.shn

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