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disc 1
1. s.o.s (too bad)
2. somebody
3. dream on
4. write me
5. walk this way
6. sweet emotion
7. no more no more
8. same old song and dance
9. toys in the attic
10.train kept a rollin'

Found this review -> "Another excellent high quality live recording. This one was a radio broadcast from the King Biscuit Flower Hour and sports a very high quality mix. The song selection is awesome, since it is all from the first three albums."

MediaType: SHN

Source: FM Broadcast KBFH

Conversion: Silver CD>EAC>SHN

4ef58fbcc2f8fab01403f5c441ddf324 *Aerosmith75-08-29-T01.shn
f6ca0fc673056d9cd63d64684b90b7b2 *Aerosmith75-08-29-T02.shn
0b28efd6f99325df3a260d69491dbebe *Aerosmith75-08-29-T03.shn
2ecbdcfa1521f4266676e9ad9466c112 *Aerosmith75-08-29-T04.shn
1c368a99bbd92dbd0451914fb2af5c68 *Aerosmith75-08-29-T05.shn
7c770cbf1d5502ae418ad9847d626c86 *Aerosmith75-08-29-T06.shn
bd48304e2b968048c72e2bb4870128a0 *Aerosmith75-08-29-T07.shn
911907f59cff7c708d55b62149c58c3e *Aerosmith75-08-29-T08.shn
38dfecfc1d7507401037c0d27d23ce28 *Aerosmith75-08-29-T09.shn
37b3714edfd9b723e8f726aebafcc277 *Aerosmith75-08-29-T10.shn

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