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afternoon show

1. the train kept a rollin'
2. i can't quit you
3. as long as i have you
4. you shook me
5. communication breakdown

evening show

6. the train kept a rollin'
7. i can't quit you
8. dazed and confused
9. you shook me

Afternoon Show: Teen Club, Egegaard Skole, Gladsaxe, Denmark Evening Show: Brondby Pop-Club, Norregard Hallen, Brondby, Denmark

MediaType: SHN

Source: liberated bootleg "Led Zeppelin Is A Gas" Label: Empress Valley

Conversion: silver CD > ? > shn

ef36135e497a87b71af34f1846fe427d *lz1969-03-15t09.shn
530d0219a14bba10c18428785bfda0cb *lz1969-03-15t02.shn
62192f2df39f2f43b78455e2cc7933be *lz1969-03-15t03.shn
1bc9fb77425c75bec96e5e7be16b0e17 *lz1969-03-15t04.shn
b2e91ae86003336dbc3258e1eed633d8 *lz1969-03-15t05.shn
5eb42043d8b08321f28dde6f1e244f8f *lz1969-03-15t06.shn
3f0b671f5582b0ada75f646b29c085f8 *lz1969-03-15t07.shn
4a3d438314fdf76a687c05d35ae5d900 *lz1969-03-15t08.shn
944e436e05cf1a27ab5e50e9950af30e *lz1969-03-15t01.shn

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Map Location
Teen Club, Egegaard Skole; Brondby Pop-Club
Gladsaxe, Brondby Denmark

GPS Latitude: 55.73346 Longitude: 12.48869
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