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disc one

1 rock and roll
2 over the hills and far away
3 black dog
4 misty mountain hop
5 since i've been loving you
6 dancing days
7 bron-yr-aur stomp
8 the song remains the same
9 the rain song
10 stairway to heaven

disc two

1 dazed and confused
2 whole lotta love
3 immigrant song
4 heartbreaker
5 organ solo
6 thank you

this is the track listing on the "riot show" boot; see extra info for details.

note from the seeder: Mild dehisser action, enough to cut a disturbing hiss noise throughout the whole recording, mostly around 13/16Khertz. Corrected songs running order. In my opinion, the cleaning is very effective and sounds to me like having wiped off the dust from a mirror. A great show now more enjoyable. My notes: On the "Riot Show" boot, "Stairway To Heaven" is the last track (track 10) on Disc One. This was done so that this show would fit on two discs. "Stairway" actually was played after "Dazed And Confused". This is the order in which these songs were played: 1 Rock And Roll 2 Over The Hills And Far Away 3 Black Dog 4 Misty Mountain Hop 5 Since I've Been Loving You 6 Dancing Days 7 Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp 8 The Song Remains The Same 9 The Rain Song 10 Dazed And Confused 11 Stairway To Heaven 12 Whole Lotta Love Everybody Needs Somebody To Love Let That Boy Boogie Woogie Let's Have A Party Heartbreak Hotel I Can't Quit You Baby 13 Immigrant Song 14 Heartbreaker 15 Organ Solo 16 Thank You You will need 3 CD-Rs to burn this show following the correct running order.--craig62

MediaType: FLAC

Source: AUD Cobra Standard 006

Conversion: Orig.Silver>EAC>ACL Dehisser Advanced Realtime Noise Reduction(50.0-12db)>wav>flac

a5fb1ada1f6dec362480cebc0c6ad5a2 *1972.12_01.flac
bc0ce3a8e1acb29e7bfa6a72852aaa2c *1972.12_02.flac
aeaf31e4318a1f9e6a9e3b46c3078509 *1972.12_03.flac
d7d0b26fc7efaa531539d2fea798e559 *1972.12_04.flac
eb375d7aeb58a0664165f7a3539be40f *1972.12_05.flac
2338c33bf924b839688e4cb774318ff7 *1972.12_06.flac
36763a32c2704e11f0faf050ab101c9b *1972.12_07.flac
b05b9bf99c6739fc9a9e22463939f412 *1972.12_08.flac
fda672dfd92107a120af90abe1f5abb1 *1972.12_09.flac
72a4dc7546ecb84b0524a3c16febc4a0 *1972.12_10.flac
63664194e7d10cd31eb95b3e74339e4b *1972.12_11.flac
8994ed85d0fb121e660a31b6de17e3ff *1972.12_12.flac
82bb5b4f615678402170dab66cf9e0bb *1972.12_13.flac
4dd685404976eebcae4c45507469daed *1972.12_14.flac
f130cb89e305de246bcdb4b1b26e8917 *1972.12_15.flac
8b25c95ea85c3a2b6f62f644570f0f3e *1972.12_16.flac

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