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1. come and get it
2. leave my kitten alone
3. not guilty
4. i'm looking through you
5. what's the new mary jane
6. how do you do it
7. besame mucho
8. the one after 909
9. if you've got trouble
10. that means a lot
11. while my guitar gently weeps
12. mailman, bring me no more blues
13. christmas time (is here again)
14. ob-la-di, ob-la-da

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MediaType: SHN

Source: SBD Sessions Spank Records (SP-103)

Conversion: unknown

69f01349fd0fddabac3486b47b9d07e1 *Track01.shn
61d58960cd351a2c64a99e83349748ec *Track02.shn
34c431225e62340b016653a43b13a88d *Track03.shn
2bf76e13cfaedc3b300a9ace74bef81a *Track04.shn
38e3d7e727aa9353df1333c57c3d3a1b *Track05.shn
01d5115e6a9977725f728b249140e152 *Track06.shn
55759cb51b1a09fbec07037aab3ed289 *Track07.shn
880d99a045523a2dd978072610a36277 *Track08.shn
0a96b859268e5a6813d7f6afea10dd05 *Track09.shn
84c4b3588af62d16e98d1174c2374564 *Track10.shn
edb49f5f57c7d2216566b7c2a0b09ec8 *Track11.shn
92756a6028b308ad07fdd9d9afae985d *Track12.shn
891c65531286dadd8d9d8b66d603f677 *Track13.shn
0f6b717235af7f5da65dc166ca5f01bf *Track14.shn

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