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disc 1
1. thick as a brick

disc 2
2. conversation
3. cross - eyed mary
4. a new day yesterday
5. aqualung
6. wind-up (intro)
7. locomotive breath
8. hard headed english general/wind up (reprise)
9. walk to the dressing room chatter

Jethro Tull The Wise Man Breaks Wind Wolverhampton March 19th 1972 Folks the quality of this show is stunning for the year and the fact that you get the whole Thick As A Brick suite only goes to say download me notes from the the person who originally had this show When i acquired this recording i was surprised the quality was as good as it was for a show from 1972 unfortunately with about 5.45 to go on thick as a brick there was a screeching sound and then the show went on but clearly something was missing.after comparing it to other TAAB performances i found that approx 40 seconds was missing.this little glitch detracted so much from the ending of this TAAB performance that i chose to splice in the missing segment with the performance from 3 days earlier off the soft venus bootleg.i hope the purists will forgive me unquote of course we forgive him this is a stunning show

MediaType: FLAC

Source: V/Good AUD TakkleSoft 2002 TSE10

Conversion: UnKnown

2a379a8b848b8b085f7c96e0db996adb *01.flac
5fa73863d1052fb3f010c3525d7d0edc *02.flac
6889657800666c4858243489ae6b2d21 *03.flac
273451bd0867165333b26876348ad56e *04.flac
fd03125c76ee7581d0ac2e5f5412e20e *05.flac
6e5d69001a153b04cc777d2dc52657dd *06.flac
451334a676c11004629ca32b70c417d8 *07.flac
0ff101a8e4ce6f73d67fd18e748cd20d *08.flac
09a8eec02daae1a0fffe1d688215dcce *09.flac
5074893ead4b2f60d77734738acbf8fb *10.flac
7d4a076bffe804735b277bb3a16109f5 *11.flac
3233c5756396aeff6c3ea49ffe3f7e2c *12.flac
53aa1020e7016242e483e94e4e7f68a1 *13.flac
1be3175ec7eecbe67fca484aae359eac *14.flac
17d912173df44dd7fba26cf617cbf181 *15.flac

2b7bbc5994fd6410ac95810cedb9618c *01.flac
6da09aeff654a09aac9d8e3d5e9b6277 *02.flac
a88588d1e0ae631ea2b3bf083b9182b4 *03.flac
c5dceecb667a9d0316d9e8b597e2daf5 *04.flac
73cb99be7ad0fce49215d00f74d5e468 *05.flac
3076c3c1e7d186cccc19ed2f59566953 *06.flac
26d6bcf13406139dc58eab3bba6b5a7d *07.flac
d8e70d41da961d6b5f45dc0f0f090101 *08.flac

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