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Beach Boys

CompilationLive Box (1965-1968)SHN
CompilationRarities Vol 1FLAC
CompilationRarities Vol 2 (1969-1971)FLAC
CompilationRarities Vol. 3 (1972-76)FLAC
CompilationRarities Vol. 4 (1976-1977)FLAC
CompilationTime to Get AloneFLAC
CompilationSurfin' Over The Airwaves 1962-1965FLAC
1/1/1962Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 1FLAC
1/1/1963Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 2FLAC
1/1/1963Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 3FLAC
1/1/1963Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 4FLAC
1/1/1964Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 5FLAC
1/1/1964Capitol PunishmentSHN
1/1/1964Time To Get AloneCD
1/1/1965Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 8FLAC
1/1/1965Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 7FLAC
1/1/1966Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 15FLAC
1/1/1966A Pocket Symphony - The Making of Good VibrationsFLAC
1/1/1966Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 17FLAC
1/1/1966Smile -OdeonFLAC
1/1/1966Heroes and VibrationsSHN
1/1/1966Smile- VigotoneSHN
1/1/1966Smile - Millenium EditionFLAC
1/1/1966Smile - Fast Eddie's 2004 ReconstructionFLAC
1/1/1966Smile - 1988 Mark Linnett Rough Mixes CompFLAC
1/1/1966Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 16FLAC
1/1/1966Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 14FLAC
1/1/1966Mok's SMiLESHN
12/1/1968Rarities vol. 11, London 1968 (both shows)FLAC
4/20/1974Athletic and Convocation Center, Notre Dame UFLAC
11/26/1993The Paramount TheaterFLAC


CompilationArrive Without AgingSHN
CompilationTo Be ExpectedSHN
CompilationAlf Together NowSHN
CompilationAtlanta - Munich - SeattleFlac
6/17/1964Australian Tour 1964FLAC
1/1/1966Its Not Too BadSHN
1/1/1968From Kinfauns To ChaosFLAC
1/1/1969Jamming With HeatherSHN

Brian Wilson

1/1/1990Sweet InsanityFLAC
3/9/1999Brian Is Back!FLAC
7/22/2000Pet Sounds Live In ChicagoSHN
2/20/2004Brian Wilson Presents SmileFLAC
2/24/2004Royal Festival HallFLAC
7/27/2004Royal Festival HallFLAC
10/7/2004Cleveland Music HallFLAC
10/12/2004Soundboard SmileFlac
10/18/2004King Center for the Performing ArtsSHN

Buddy Holly

CompilationThe Famous Apartment Tapes And RaritiesFLAC

John Lennon

CompilationYer BluesSHN
CompilationThe dream is overSHN
1/1/1970Imagine ...All The OuttakesSHN
1/1/1972Absolute Elsewhere-The Ultimate Mind Games AnthologySHN
1/1/1973Bring On The LucieSHN

Syd Barrett

CompilationHave You Got It Yet? Vol 4SHN
CompilationHave You Got It Yet? Vol 3SHN
CompilationHave You Got It Yet? Vol 2SHN
CompilationHYGIY vol. 01SHN
CompilationHave You Got It Yet? Vol. 8SHN
CompilationHave You Got It Yet? Vol. 10SHN

The Who

9/2/1964The High Numbers - Live 1964FLAC
1/1/1968The Tommy DemosSHN

Velvet Underground

11/4/1966If It's Too Loud For You Move Back!FLAC
10/18/1969The First NightFLAC